About Us

“Graphic and Web Design” program aims to give the qualifications to graphic designer members to respond the needs belonging to industry related to graphic design applications in the context of basic design logic by qualifying the graphic design students with the design discipline and knowledge of program usage during their study period.

Graphic design elements are very important parts of our Daily life. Graphic design is a basic discipline in organizing the presentation and visual materials of advertising and promotional activities of all kinds including at first our intellectual life and social activities. Graphic design determines the visual layout of printed materials that we encounter everyday such as billboards, posters, brochures, magazines, catalogs, internet sites and interactive media of all kinds.

“Graphic and Web Design” program is training graphic and web designers to meet the need of intermediate members who are capable of rapid response, effective communication skills, strong customer relationships, solution-focused, operational-level activities in the industry of intense competition.

Thus; “Graphic and Web Design” is providing educational services for gaining life-skills with modern teaching methods appropriate to the needs of the information age and business life with the principle of lifelong learning. Our goal is to have the graduate students who have technical knowledge and skills about the profession related to the industry area, who are creative, innovative, investigative, who desire to contribute the development to the country and profession, who are self-renewing by following the related developments in the field, who have original ideas and who are individuals capable of analyzing.