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Welcome to the Vocational School Dear Students,

We are now undergoing a period of dramatic change and transformation never been experienced before. The first and most influential revolution in the field of technology and economy in the world history was the First Industrial Revolution after the advent of mechanical production facilities. Mass production enabled by the invention of electricity marked the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution. The Third Industrial Revolution took place as a result of the automized production supported by the revolution in communication and cognition in the second half of the 20th century. Finally came the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is based on the relationships between autonomous systems. In this digitalized age, smart houses, factories, and artificial intelligence are replacing the need for man power. In the 21st century, we are experiencing a Digitalized Age, which necessitates the training of qualified workforce who can implement and improve these technologies. But are we ready for this?

There have recently been incredible developments in production technologies, mobile transformation we are now witnessing, the growth of social networks, which have now become an indispensable part of our lives, and mass information dissemination and how it has become the capital of institutions... When these complex phenomena and the future aims of our country and those of other countries in the world are taken into consideration, it is clear that a cooperative and high quality trained workforce has now become a necessity. The most important aim for the institutions involved in taking on this responsibility is to ensure cooperation and strengthen ties with the industrial sector.

Today, there are approximately 2.8 million students in 994 vocational schools in Turkey. With its growing awareness of the role of vocational training, Izmir University of Economics has made an important contribution over the years. Situated within the main campus, and offering preparatory school as an option, Izmir University of Economics Vocational School is leading the way in prestigious vocational training. To meet the demands of vocational training required by the Digitalized Age, the school employs the very latest teaching technologies. It offers an up-to-date and practice-based training to meet the employment needs of our age, with a total of twenty programs, including Computer Programming, Civil Aviation Transportation Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Real Estate and Real Estate Management, as well as two evening education programs. Interdisciplinary courses, as well as vocational and applied courses, and social and cultural activities ensure that all our graduates are well-qualified and well-prepared.

Our primary objective, therefore, is to prepare our students to meet the demands of the sector. We believe that adapting vocational training to global innovations and applications will enrich the national economy, and we are making great efforts to achieve this.

The supply and demand relationship established with the sector is the greatest benefit we offer our students. We ensure that each program we offer has a corresponding job opportunity in the relevant sector.

At Izmir University of Economic Vocational School, we are training our students to be highly qualified and highly competent employees, allowing them to reach their aspirations.

So, we can say, yes, we are ready!


Lecturer Burçin Önder (Phd)

Izmir University of Economics Vocational School Director

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