Department of Tourism and Hotel Management (Turkish)

Welcome to Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree

Tourism sector has one of the largest share in Turkey's total revenue. In particular, the number of tourists who have increased by 400 % in the last 10 years has increased the need for qualified staff in this area. Businesses that cannot correspond the need for qualified staff are very interested in the graduates of this program. Tourism and Hotel Management program aims to meet the need of the staff in the sector with respect of creative, innovative, initiative-enabling, quick solutions to problems and educating well-equipped individuals.


Tourism and Hotel Management program is in İzmir Economy University Vocational School Travel and Language Programs Module. In this module; there are Civil Aviation Cabin Services, Civil Aviation Transportation Management, Applied English and Translition programs.  An effective education system is constituted by bringing similar programs together in the same frame.


Students who have successfully completed the Tourism and Hotel Management program; tourism industry accommodation, food and beverage operations and travel agencies can work. Also; transfer can be made to the undergraduate departments such as Business Administration, Business Informatics, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management by vertical transfer examination.

Students who successfully complete Tourism and Hotel Management program graduate with the title of "Tourism Professionals".