Department of Applied English Translation

Welcome to Applied English Translation Degree

In today's globalizing world, the importance of knowing English, translating correctly and transferring it, and the need for simultaneous translation in all sectors are increasing. In terms of its location and conditions, Turkey's need for competent, verbal and written translators is increasing. For this reason, it is understood that both Turkey's special position and the process it is in, and its developing infrastructure offer students who graduated from the Applied English Translation Program a wide range of opportunities to work. Graduates of the Applied English Translation Program can be employed in various public institutions, especially in translation offices, media organs, embassies, consulates, cultural centers, hotels, travel agencies and multinational institutions and organizations.

The aim of the program is to be able to translate from Turkish to English and from English to Turkish, have comprehensive knowledge and excellent translation skills, can reflect the knowledge and skills acquired while translating in a wide range of specialization areas, and can reflect the changing market conditions. To train highly qualified, professional staff who can easily adapt, to create an environment suitable for the professional development of the faculty members of the department and to contribute to translation theory and practice. In the program, students who will understand the applications, requirements and innovations in the sector, who can be effective in this sector, who solve problems, who have entrepreneurial and analytical thinking skills, are trained. It is aimed that the students of the program will be individuals equipped with international level grammar knowledge and usage skills, following the developments in the global competitive environment and new developments in English language and translation. Our students who successfully complete the Applied English Translation program graduate with the title of "Professional Staff".